Tales From Rhyme And Space is a one man radio drama by Joshua David Ling. Fable J. Peregrin flies his War Drobe all across the universe telling stories and getting into trouble.

The goal of Tales from Rhyme and Space is to entertain people of all kinds, but especially Christians who appreciate quality stories and entertainment, and want neither the blandness of Christian media or the perverseness of Hollywood. But most importantly, Tales from Rhyme and Space is to entertain and teach Joshua’s own family.

The Storyteller: Joshua David Ling

Joshua David Ling is a lifelong storyteller with a passion for adventurous and heart-warming stories. His style has been called a combination of Joss Whedon and Hans Christian Andersen. He has written hundreds of rhyming stories and serials since he began his publishing company, Rhyme And Space in 2014.  And he has been involved with public speaking, entertainment, and storytelling since 2001 at the age of 11.

Growing up in Alpharetta, GA, Joshua was homeschooled by his mother and father, and helped homeschool his 4 siblings.

He currently resides in Augusta, GA, with his wife Kay Cee and Daughter Hazel, where he maintains a rigorous writing schedule, social media presence, and partnership with Fellowship & Fairydust blog and magazine.

Joshua is available for: Performances and Public Speaking, Freelance writing, Freelance Graphics and Media, and more. You can contact him here.